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Aishwarya at Cannes 2012 – Day 2

Here are pictures of Ash’s 2nd day at Cannes 2012:

At a photocall:

Now this is perfection! Ash’s kaftan dress is stunning and her hair looks much better! I LOVE the colours!  Plus she looks beautiful!

She seems so much more mellow and calm now.  In the past she always seemed so stiff and rehearsed in her interviews.  I guess motherhood does change a person!

On the red carpet:

The dress is by Ellie Saab whose creations I love! I love this dress too but not on Ash.  I wish she had chosen a brighter colour.  Ellie Saab’s collection this year has beautiful colours like sky blue and pink so I think Ash should have chosen one of those colours.  This one washes her out.  Also those curled side bangs are not okay! Her hairstylist needs to do better!

Still I admire Ash for saying showing all the haters that she doesn’t care about what they say!


The Priyanka-Karan Johar Controversy: Enough is Enough

I really did not want to blog about the whole Karan Johar + star wives vs. Priyanka Chopra controversy because I just find it silly.  However, with the media attacking Priyanka every chance they get I thought I would give my two cents on the whole thing.

Firstly, SRK is a family man.  Every interview he gives has at least one mention of his kids.  Plus he and Gauri have been together for a long time, even before he joined films.  So, it is unlikely he would have an affair and endanger his marriage.

Secondly, Priyanka comes from a good family.  Both her parents are doctors and she is very close to both of them.  I just do not think she would ever get involved with a married man.

This newspaper article in which “a friend” of Priyanka’s attacks star wives and a top director is most  likely fabricated.  Who is this friend?The media has decided that the director mentioned in the article is Karan Johar.  Here is the link to the article:

Karan Johar responded on twitter:

I have trouble believing Karan is talking about PC.  He is a smart man and should know that this “friend” is probably just made up by the media to create sensational news or is some wannabe trying to get attention.  He/she could also be someone who is just trying to hurt PC.  I think in these tweets he is talking about the friend not PC.

When asked about this at a press conference yesterday here is what Priyanka had to say:

Personally, I think PC is acting very respectfully by maintaining a dignified silence.  Plus what does the media except? They are maligning her in print and on television as a home breaker.  She does not deserve such treatment! After all, she has always made India proud.  First at Miss World and now with her international record contract.  Moreover, she is working for the environment.  I have never met PC and she may be just another arrogant star (I would like to believe she is not) but nevertheless, she is a woman and she deserves some respect!  The media needs to back off!


Saif Ali Khan Arrested: The Whole Story

It seems as though 2012 is the year that bollywood has started a fight club.  Earlier, SRK and Shirish Kunder had a fist fight and now it’s Saif Ali Khan’s turn.  Here is the NDTV coverage of the whole incident:

Here is the video link of the man who accused Saif:

Here is the video link of Saif’s statement:

I don’t think any of us has any right to judge either side because we don’t know the facts.  To be honest, I don’t care whose fault it was because fighting is never the solution to any problem.  So, both sides are at fault.  If the man did make rude remarks in front of the ladies, that does not justify violence.  Besides its not like ladies cannot hear things that men can.  As for Saif being hit first, it would have been more appropriate for him to walk out and file a police report himself.  The whole incident is unfortunate and should not have happened.

Let’s see what the court rules in this matter.




This what Saif had to say at a recent press conference for a brand he endorses:

I salute him for his admittance that as a star he is a role model and so what happened was wrong because it sets a poor example.  That is exactly what I felt when I read about the whole incident.

I now believe Saif is handling the controversy very well.  Which I expect from him since he comes across as a well-spoken and thoughtful individual.


Pictures/Video from Genelia-Ritesh’s Sangeet

Here are the first pictures from Genelia-Ritesh’s Sangeet.

video link for what Genelia-Ritesh had to say: 222599

They look so in love!  I love Genelia’s outfit.  It is stunning and she looks so happy.  I just wish that the two had color coordinated their outfits.

Also spotted are Sussanne Roshan, Guari Khan, Asin, Dia Mirza, Malaika Arora Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Amrita Arora, Sanjay Dutt, Soha Ali Khan, Kunal Khemu, Sameera Reddy, Karan Johar, Shahid Kapoor, Raveena Tandon and Abhishek Bachchan.  Apparently Mr. Johar took charge of the event.  Who knew Ritesh and KJo were so close?  Anyways, Gauri looks beautiful, her sari is to die for!  Abhishek grow your stubble back, we miss it!

Cannot wait to see more pictures from their wedding.

Hope their wedding is unforgettable and they live happily ever after!


Shahid Kapoor to Do Maneesh Sharma’s Next Film

There is good and bad news for Shahid Kapoor fans.  The good news is that he has landed the lead role in a Yashraj film.  The film is to be directed by Maneesh Sharma, director of Band Baja Baraat and Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl.  The bad news is that because Maneesh has suffered from a slip disc, the film’s shooting has been delayed for 5 or so months.

Also Shahid has confirmed that he is in talks to do a world tour with Ranbir Kapoor in the near future.  Imagine these two hunks on a tour together! Eks! I am getting so excited just thinking about it!!!!!! 🙂

Click below for the entire clip of Shahid’s interaction with the media in which he talks about all this and more:

1403990   —– click here


Deepika’s Katrina Obsession

The media loves pitting actresses against each other but like they say there is never any smoke without fire.  The Deepika-Katrina war may have been fabricated at first but it seems that Deepika has begun to enjoy it.  She often comments on Katrina, whether it is Katrina’s passport or now her pairing with Akshay Kumar.  Deepika has said in an Mid-day interview that people got tired of seeing Akshay and Katrina together.  The interview is posted below.

I don’t think this is true at all! Considering almost all the films the two did together did well at the box office.  Also, below is a list of the films they did together and their box office figures (courtesy

(1) Humko Deewana Kar Gaye -18.5 crores (FLOP)

(2) Namastey London – 47 crores (HIT)

(3) Welcome – 98 crores (SUPERHIT)

(4) Singh Is Kinng – 91.75 crores (SUPERHIT)

(5) De Dana Dan – 64.25 crores (HIT)

(6) Tees Maar Khan – 81.75 crores (HIT)

So with 5/6 Akshay-Katrina films being hits, what is Deepika talking about?  Till date Katrina has not said a bad word about Deepika to the media, Deepika should extend the same courtesy.


Salman Khan: Blunt and Honest As Usual

Here is an interview Salman did for Filmfare Magazine.  He isn’t my favourite actor (yes, I’m on team SRK) but I love his honesty.  He says what he wants to and doesn’t worry about what anyone thinks or says.  Bole to ek dum bindaas hai bhai.

Good luck to him for “Ready” which releases this Friday.