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Cannes 2013 Part 2

As Cannes continues we get to see more of Sonam, Vidya and Mallika.

Aishwarya and the directors of Bombay Talkies are also now in Cannes.

I have to say I am kind of getting tired of Sabyasachi.  It’s summer and all I see is back/maroon/brown/gold Sabyasachi creations! First Vidya and then Aishwarya.  Sonam is the only one who provided us with some summer color in her Dolce and Gabbana dress (the white one with flower print).  Plus Sonam’s jewellery is to die for! Her mom is a jewellry designer so I guess that is a given (pretty much every girls dream right?!).

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Bollywood at Cannes 2013

Vidya Balan is on the Cannes Jury this year so we will be seeing her everyday on the red carpet!

Amit Ji is spotted with the cast of the Great Gatsby for the Cannes premiere.

Sonam is there as the brand ambassador for L’Oreal.

Mallika Sherawat is also at Cannes.

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Mallika At Cannes – Part 2

Mallika at the Amfar Gala:

Mallika at another event with Antonio Banderas (if you don’t know who he is, he has played Zoro and given the voice for Puss in Boots from Shrek)

I like the black dress but what is with the nude hooded dress? Mallika you are not Lady Gaga! Mallika has a great figure and is really pretty but she needs a better stylist! (first picture from Miss Malini’s blog)


Mallika at Cannes 2012

I have to say usually I don’t like Mallika’s revealing outfits but this one is stunning on her.  It shows a lot of skin but it doesn’t look vulgar and gold always suits the bold actress.  I approve!


Double Dhamaal Movie Review: Double the Fun!!!

When I heard that the sequel to Dhamaal was being made, I to be honest, was not too excited.  Dhamaal was funny but I did not see anything in the film that warranted a sequel.  It was only after reading Taran Adarsh’s review on that I decided I wanted to see it.  I finally got the chance to see it tonight.  I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.  Most sequels are not as good as the first film but Double Dhamaal is not one such case.  In fact, Double Dhamaal is true to it’s name because it is doubly funny than Dhamaal.

The performances are commendable, but some stand out more than others.  The best of the bunch is Javed Jaffery, who especially in certain portions is very funny.  He really manages to instill a child like innocence in his portrayal of Manav.  He is especially endearing in the scenes where he shows up unannounced despite being forbidden to by the other three.  Ashish Chowdhry is also very good.  He looks great (very handsome and hilarious looking in the portions in which he dons the appearance of a woman).  I really think he would be great in a romantic comedy.  Arshad Warsi is funny but he is a bit over the top in certain parts.  He is at his funniest best during the song Jalebi Bai.  Double Dhamaal succumbs to the sardar stereotype so often seen in hindi cinema.  However, Arshad’s disguise as a sardar does bring a smile to your face and so, one forgets about the stereotype.  I was slightly disappointed by Riteish Deshmukh, not because he is not funny but because of his look in the film.  This is understandable when he is in his many get ups but his long hair drove me insane.  After seeing Riteish in Housefull (where he looked the best he has till date), I had developed a bit of a crush on him.  In comparison to his look in Housefull he looks like a completely different person in Double Dhamaal.  That being said, he is still really funny.  His comic timing is improving with every film.  In my opinion, it is easier to be funny in a solo performance than be funny in a multi-star film.  You have to find that chemistry with your co-actors and then co-ordinate the comic timing.  So the foursome do manage to create quite a Dhamaal keeping this in mind.  Sanjay Dutt, while this is not anywhere near his performances in the Munnabhai series, is decent.  He does well with the role he is given.  The worst performance is by far Kangna Renaut.  She looks great (Uff her and Mallika’s clothes! They are to die for!!!) but she shrieks throughout the film and has bad comic timing.  On the other hand, Mallika is good and looks the best she has ever! I watched an interview in which she says she signed Double Dhamaal because of the way Indra Kumar showcases his heroines (Madhuri in Beta for example).  A noteworthy performance is also Satish Kaushik, who plays a gullible gangster.

If you need a pick up after a bad day, week or even month go watch Double Dhamaal.  However, as people in hindi cinema love to say about such commercial pot boilers, “Leave your brains at home bhai!”.  The one hole in the script I noticed is at the end when one of the bad guys preeminently chases the foursome (he has not yet been shown evidence or told that the four are the ones who cheated him).  All in all, Double Dhamaal is a fun movie.  It is fast paced and as the saying goes, time flies when you are having fun.  I hope the next film in this franchise, Total Dhamaal, is three times the fun because this time I won’t have any doubts but rather will have high expectations!

P.S. I’m told that after Ready, Double Dhamaal has taken the biggest opening of 2011 so far.

Rating: 3 stars — ***


IIFA 2011: Double Dhamaal Premiere Pictures

I couldn’t make it myself to the premiere of Double Dhamaal but below are some pictures.  The film’s cast was present at the premiere.  The two leading ladies of the film showed up in contrasting outfits, one in western attire and the other in a more ethnic outfit.  While I thought Kangana’s dress and hair were great, her makeup was a bit loud for me.  Meanwhile, Mallika’s outfit was not bad but it was a bit dull for me.  I wish she would have worn something a little brighter.  Mallika came with her “Politics of Love” co star.  Along with the ladies, Riteish Deshmukh, Arshad Warsi (with wife Maria), Aashish Chaudhry and Javed Jaffery were present.  The most interesting guest of all? Riteish’s “good friend” Genelia D’Souza.  Hmmm…..


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Will probably check out Double Dhamaal this weekend.  I will try to write a review as soon as I see it.


Mallika Sherawat at the Tree of Life Party in Cannes

Mallika Sherawat really needed a good appearance after her red carpet disaster.  Her look at the Tree of Life Party in Cannes is a MAJOR improvement.  The colour looks good on her.

Good job Mallika,