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Cannes 2013 Part 2

As Cannes continues we get to see more of Sonam, Vidya and Mallika.

Aishwarya and the directors of Bombay Talkies are also now in Cannes.

I have to say I am kind of getting tired of Sabyasachi.  It’s summer and all I see is back/maroon/brown/gold Sabyasachi creations! First Vidya and then Aishwarya.  Sonam is the only one who provided us with some summer color in her Dolce and Gabbana dress (the white one with flower print).  Plus Sonam’s jewellery is to die for! Her mom is a jewellry designer so I guess that is a given (pretty much every girls dream right?!).

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Mallika At Cannes – Part 2

Mallika at the Amfar Gala:

Mallika at another event with Antonio Banderas (if you don’t know who he is, he has played Zoro and given the voice for Puss in Boots from Shrek)

I like the black dress but what is with the nude hooded dress? Mallika you are not Lady Gaga! Mallika has a great figure and is really pretty but she needs a better stylist! (first picture from Miss Malini’s blog)


Mallika at Cannes 2012

I have to say usually I don’t like Mallika’s revealing outfits but this one is stunning on her.  It shows a lot of skin but it doesn’t look vulgar and gold always suits the bold actress.  I approve!


Mallika Sherawat at Cannes 2011

I always dread seeing Mallika at international events because she most often than never wears something dreadful.  This appearance at the Cannes premiere of the new Pirates of the Caribbean is no exception.  She tweeted she is wearing a black Eric Tibusch and her hair and makeup is by Dior.  Not only is this dress see through but the neck is very awful.  The only good thing about this look is her hair and makeup.  I admit she has a great figure but that doesn’t mean that it is okay for her to flaunt it in such a tasteless manner.  I loved her appearance at the White House Correspondents Dinner (picture below) in the white gown.

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