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Student of the Year: The Biggest Launch For Any Newcomer EVER!

I am VERY excited to see Student of the Year or SOTY.  Watching the trailers I experience three things:

1. REMINISCENCE – Not of my high school days ha ha! My high school was so drab that even Karan Johar could not make it look glamourous!  No the feeling of reminiscence is directed towards one of my favorite films Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.  Obviously this film’s plot is not even remotely similar to KKHH but it too appears to be a grand, larger than life story.  I love such films and that is why I so eagerly await every Karan Johar film!

2.  CRUSH AT FIRST SIGHT – I think both the boys are very handsome but I just couldn’t keep my eyes off Varun! When I heard Varun Dhawan was acting in Karan Johar’s next film this is not what I imagined him to be like.  Now, I am eagerly awaiting his debut.  That is not to say that Siddharth is not devilishly handsome as well.  This October girls will have no shortage of eye candy thanks to Mr. Johar!

3. AWE – The opening shots of the school leave you in awe.  Then, the three youngsters leave you in awe.  They are all model-like and have impeccable fashion sense.  Then you see the multiple shots of people walking, exercising and dancing in complete sync.  Moreover, the prom song “Disco Deewane” leaves you wishing that your prom/school dance was even 1/1000th as cool as this fictional prom!

I know I am counting down the days to October 19th, the day Student of the Year releases.  What about you?  Watch the trailers below.